Expert tips: How To Have A Low Waste Festive Season

Wondering how you can make a positive impact this festive season? Why not take a leaf out of some of WA’s most waste savvy individuals and organisations’ book.

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Here are some of their top tips to combat silly season excesses:

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“Always have a plan - whether it is for food, entertainment or gift giving, having a plan will be the most useful tool for saving time, money and waste!

Amanda Welschbillig, Co-founder, Wasteless Pantry

“Gift consumables!”

Emma Young, Journalist

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"I use gift bags and always reuse any gift bags that I receive. 

Pam Van Effrink, Landlord  

Work hard to understand the type of waste YOU are responsible for. We all need to make sure we understand the waste in our lives and continually assess what type of waste is actually necessary. The next step is to collaborate with those around us that can help us make changes to eliminate the unnecessary.

Daryl Naidu, Owner, New Normal Bar and Kitchen 

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Send family and friends home with a container of food on Christmas day - they get to have a break from cooking and reduce food waste at the same time!

Southern Metropolitan Regional Council

Download and consult the Recycle right app on your mobile device to identify which type of waste can be recycled and how.  Also remember “if in doubt, throw it out” when it comes to recycling.

Michael Emery, Energy Manager, Crown Perth

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Give vouchers for experiences. Theatre tickets or a trip to the zoo can make a great low-waste gift”

Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, Executive Director, Plastic Free July Foundation

Avoid buying presents for presents’ sake. Buy quality items that will last – this is especially true when it comes to electronics.

Michael Coghill, Co-Founder, Total Green Recycling

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Make sure you recycle all paper and cardboard – it’s a simple action that will reduce landfill and save trees!

Kathy Anketell, Sustainability Program Coordinator, Lynwood Senior High School

Before you can own your impact you need to face your waste! Sign up to be a clear bin ambassador.

Geoff Atkinson, Education Manager, Mindarie Regional Council   

Remember small changes can make a big difference. Take on board one or all of the top tips suggested by the 2018 Infinity Award winners and you'll be on the road to helping to cut WA's waste. For more inspiration follow Own Your Impact on Facebook or Instagram.

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