Goodbye plastic bags... now what do I use for my bin?

One of the most common reactions when the ban on lightweight plastic bags was first announced was: “But what am I going to do about my bin?”.

stack of newspapers

It’s true, the abundance of plastic bags brought home from the supermarket over the past three or more decades have found a second life in many households – as a vessel to transport waste from inside the home to your big green bin.

That’s all about to change though as the surplus of bags is depleted because we’re all doing the right thing by bringing our reusable bags, boxes or baskets with us when we shop.

Here are five simple alternatives to using flimsy single-use grocery bags as your bin liner:

  1. Line it with newspaper

    It might be an old-school approach, but it’s an effective one. Simply lift the liner out and pop it in the bin in the same way you would have with your plastic bag. 

  2. Go naked

    That’s right – you don’t actually NEED a bin liner, you could just place your items directly in the bin and give it a quick clean each time you empty it.

  3. Use other soft plastic packaging

    Use packaging from other items - like bread, frozen vegetables and cereal – instead. 

  4. Ditch your kitchen bin altogether

    This is a great opportunity to shake up routines and look at how you can own your impact so why not try to live without a kitchen bin altogether. Try to compost all food scraps and seek out recyclable products to eliminate a big portion of your household waste altogether.

  5. Buy eco-friendly bin liners

    Can’t live without your plastic bag liners? Make sure if you are going to buy them that you opt for the most environmentally-friendly options you can find, ideally ones that will compost or biodegradable ones which will still be available for sale.

Remember every decision you make will help you and your household to own your impact – and these small changes are important, because it all adds up!

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