Transcript - About Earthwise

The below text is a transcript of the video "Earthwise - Lotterywest Video 2011".

This video contains footage of Earthwise Community’s site and people. The facility has infrastructure such as worm farms, compost bins, community dining areas and an op shop.

[The interviewee is Peg Davies, one of the Earthwise coordinators]

“Earthwise is looking after each other and looking after the Earth because we can't survive without each other and we definitely can’t survive without the Earth.

“We’ve had an arrangement with businesses for about three years where we collect coffee grounds, we collect hair, we collect shredded paper and we collect food scraps. Anything that we've collected go back to feed the livestock. Livestock is quite a few worms.

“We build up compost, we might mulch it, we might use it in the garden.

“All that stuff that was going to go to landfill – it breaks my heart.”

“But it’s also a good way to connect people to each other so there’s a lot of conversation that goes on.

“A lot of people that come here are on low incomes, so they're not going to be able to afford big fancy technology so a lot of the ways that we’d be talking to people is the kind of clothing, the right kind of heating, eating the right kind of food it's not in a particular time that we will talk about sustainable living it's all in the… in the mix of everything that goes on here.”

[On screen text = Earthwise, looking after the earth and each other for 20 years]


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