Transcript - Face your waste

The below text is a transcript of the video "Introducing Famous Sharron".

This video is set in a supermarket and features Famous Sharron, a fictional but well-known Western Australian character, walking through the aisles.

[Shop assistant over a loud speaker]

“Attention shoppers, did you know that twenty percent of what’s in your trolley is wasted, that’s like throwing money in the bin. Maybe it’s time to face your waste?”

[Famous Sharron]

“Hello dolls it’s me Famous Sharron and as the face of WA I’ve been challenged to face my waste.

“You know think about all the things I shouldn't throw away or maybe not buy in the first place and I’m nailing it. I recycle, I reuse, I'm onto my 3rd husband. I bring my own shopping bags every time… 60% of the time. I even buy in bulk… [Sharron picks up a large bag of carrots] save 2.99 you do the math.

[Shop assistant over a loud speaker]

Sharron you only save if you use all the carrots, otherwise you just waste them. [She puts them back on the shelf]

[Famous Sharron]

“Don’t need to bag bananas they already come in little packets.” [She picks up a banana]

“Sub the pods.”[Sharron chooses coffee beans over pods]

“Cans, yes I can recycle.” [Sharron chooses soft drink cans]

“I wonder if I could get this without the tray?” [Sharron inspects a steak packaged with cling film and on a plastic tray]

“Fab! That wasn’t hard. I just needed to put in some thought before it was bought and now I can check myself out.” [Sharron takes a selfie]

[On screen text]

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