Transcript - Total Green Recycling

The below text is a transcript of the video "National Television and Computer Recycling scheme explained".

“Hi I’m James from Total Green Recycling and I just want to explain to you what the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme is.

“It’s also known the NTCRS.

“It was brought in in 2011 and it's basically an extended producer responsibility scheme which means that the producers of the products become responsible for their disposal at end of life.

“It was brought in by the Australian Government to minimise the environmental impacts that are caused from disposing of electronic waste incorrectly.

“It covers everything that's a television or a computer or basically anything that plugs into a computer like a keyboard but unfortunately it doesn't cover things like DVD players, radios, vacuums and kitchen appliances but we’re hopeful that that will come in in coming years.

“So for those of you with unwanted or dead electronics please check out the free drop off locations which are displayed on our website. If you're a business and you might have equipment that can be reused please contact us directly or fill in the Free Quote form.

“For those that have got more questions please contact us on social media and we will be happy to answer you.”

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