Transcript - What goes in the Yellow Recycling Bin?

The below text is a transcript of the video "5 items to leave out of your yellow-topped recycling bin".

Everyone recycling better means WA sends less to landfill. [An image of woman putting plastic and cardboard containers in yellow-lidded recycling bin is shown.]

So keep these five things out of your recycling bin.

Number 1 - items in bags [Image showing soft drink cans in plastic bags]

Keep them loose. It helps the sorting machines do their job. [A sorting machine is shown separating a variety of plastics]

Number 2 - nappies. These should always go in the rubbish bin. [An image of baby having nappy changed is shown]

Number 3 - items that still have stuff in them. They need to be clean and empty to reduce contamination. [Image of pizza slice in a cardboard box is shown.]

Number 4 - plastic lids. These are too small for the sorting machines. They need to go in your rubbish bin. [A collection of colourful plastic lids from milk and soft drink bottles is shown.]

Number 5 - soft plastics. Put them in the ‘Redcycle’ bin at your local supermarket instead. [A woman wrapping food in plastic cling wrap is shown.]

Recycling well is the easiest way to Own Your Impact. [Own Your Impact logo shown along with website]