Transcript - What is Paintback

The below text is a transcript of the video "Cleanaway & Paintback Animation".


At Cleanaway we see a bright future for waste paint.

In Australia millions of litres go to waste every year - enough to fill around 187,000 wheelie bins or coat the Sydney Harbour Bridge 166 times. In fact it's one of the biggest sources of liquid waste in our landfills.

That's why we’re proud to support Paintback. It's a world first scheme that makes it easier for people to do the right thing and keep paint out of landfill so it can be transformed into a valuable resource.


Step 1 – Collection

Paintback have Cleanaway and council drop off points in every state and territory across the country.

More sites are continually being added, giving trade painters and the public convenient places to dispose of their waste paint. Up to 100 litres of eligible products can be dropped off per visit.

Step 2 – Processing

Once collected, the paint is transferred to one of Cleanaway’s liquid treatment plants where it’s sorted into water and oil base types, and extracted from tins using specialist equipment.

Step 3 - Re-use

Plastic and metal packaging is sent for recycling, ready to be transformed into new products.

Water-based paints are treated and recycled through our treatment plants.

The treated by-product is used as a composting feedstock as well as a substitute for fresh water in industrial applications.

Oil based paints are processed to provide an alternate source of energy to Australia's largest manufacturers.

These are some of the ways to turn waste paint into something extraordinary.


Over the next five years Cleanaway and Paintback are aiming to collect more than 45,000 tonnes of waste paint reducing significant quantities of landfill; repurposing thousands of tonnes of material into new products; and creating resources to power vital industries in our communities.

Cleanaway is proud to be supporting Paintback and working hand-in-hand with trade painters, Australia households and industry in making a sustainable future possible.