Wash away your impact – clever bathroom swaps

Looking to reduce your impact? Your bathroom is a great place to start – and you might just be surprised by the quick wins that are possible.

Simple bathroom swaps to wash away your impact


Switching to a biodegradable toothbrush such as one made from bamboo, or one with a replaceable head, can significantly reduce the volume of plastic you’ll send to landfill in your lifetime.


Embrace, or re-embrace, the humble bar of soap and you’ll immediately eliminate plastic bottles from your household. Can’t give up your love for easy-squeezy liquid soap? Look for ones sold in eco-friendly packaging such as glass bottles, or seek brands that offer refillable options.

Shampoo and conditioner

We’re not going to tell you to go shampoo free (although if you’re up for it, give it a try!), but it is worth reconsidering your options, rather than just running on autopilot when you shop for bathroom staples. Shampoo and conditioner bars are a low-waste alternative and can outlast up to three bottles, or you can make your own or top up at one of the increasing number of bulk food stores offering refillable bathroom products.  

Plastic shavers

Next time you need to update your shaver, consider investing in a longer-lasting alternative. As a rule of thumb opt for something with as little plastic thrown away on a regular basis as possible. Stainless steel is the gold standard, but one with replaceable heads is a lower-impact option than the disposable variety. And of course, there are other options too if you want to stay hair free – electric shavers, waxing, epilating and even IPL.  

Less is more

It’s not just in the application of makeup where less produces a better result! Beauty and cosmetic products are renowned for their packaging…but that’s not always a good thing! This swap involves seeing what you can do without, or whether you can put a product that’s been lurking at the back of the cupboard to use before you buy more. And it you feel creative, why not think about making your own low-waste beauty products?

Sponges and exfoliators

A bamboo brush or loofah is a great natural AND compostable alternative to plastic netted sponges, poufs and exfoliators which are regularly thrown out and replaced to prevent bacterial growth.  


The humble flannel is making a return – and in good time too! Single-use make up removal wipes aren’t great for the planet (they contain hidden plastic) or your wallet.

The bin

You aren’t alone, but chances are that you could be recycling more of your bathroom waste than you currently do. Plastic bottles, such as those containing liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner can be placed in your recycling bin so long as they are empty and dry. There are specialist recycling programs such as those run by Terracycle to collect items like empty beauty product packaging and toothpaste tubes too. Find out if there’s a local collection point nearby here

Start owning your impact in the bathroom (and elsewhere around the home) and let us know how you’re finding it!

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