What is the Garage Sale Trail?

They say everything old is new again, and right now shopping second-hand first is definitely in vogue... and it's for all the right reasons. 

And, if you love scouring op shops and finding treasures in the many stores and markets devoted to second-hand goodness, then sit tight because the Garage Sale Trail is going to be a fun ride for you. Likewise, if you're someone who has a surplus of perfectly good items that they no longer use then read on, we have a solution! 

Garage Sale Trail brings the community together

About the Garage Sale Trail

The Garage Sale Trail is Australia’s biggest community and sustainability event - a whole weekend dedicated to reducing waste, saving the planet and hunting for hidden treasure in one of the 18,000+ events that will be taking place around the country. 

Now in its ninth year, this much-loved event will take place on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 October 2019.

More than 800 different events took place in Western Australia last year, including 'single sales', which as you might guess, take place in someone's garage, and 'group sales', where multiple sellers got together to sell the items they no longer wanted. We're anticipating that 2019 - thanks to the 'Marie Kondo effect' - it could be an even bigger weekend of celebrating all things pre-loved! 


In WA, more than 100,000 people are expected to get involved over the Garage Sale Trail weekend either by buying or selling items. 

For sellers
If you have items that you no longer use lying around the house then why not gather them up, dust them off and commit to taking part. It's the ideal time to host a sale as there'll be plenty of people out and about that weekend looking for bargains.  

Registrations typically open in August and run through until the big weekend itself. And, if you don't have a garage (or would prefer not to host an event at your own property) often local Councils, Shires and community groups organise and promote Garage Sale Trail events so why not commit to having a pop-up stall at one of these. 

For shoppers 
The Garage Sale Trail has a nifty tool enabling you to locate all the sales that have been registered near you. This means you can create an itinerary for your shopping in advance if you choose. 


It's quite simple really - buying second hand is one of THE best ways that you can help to own your impact! And, when a whole lot of people do it on mass, it can make a huge difference! 

Reason 1:  It prevents waste 
Second-hand shopping prevents valuable resources from ending up in landfill too soon. All too often items that still have plenty of life in them are binned, because they are no longer wanted. Selling or giving them to someone else keeps them in use.

Also, unlike store-bought items, second-hand shopping is typically free-from packaging. 

Reason 2: You get to declutter 
That's right, nine out of 10 Australians say they have items around the home that they no longer need or want.  
89 percent of australians have junk at home

Think about everything you own - from furniture and ornaments, to clothes, outdoor items, sporting equipment and electronics. You probably paid good money for it in the past, but now these items aren't just gathering dust, they're also taking up valuable storage space...and probably also playing on your mind as a 'to-do' task at an unknown future time. 

Reason 3. You can make extra cash 
Let's be honest, most of us would welcome a little cash injection at any given time, wouldn't we? And, we're not just talking about loose change either - it's estimated that the average Australian household has thousands of dollars worth of unwanted items.

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Sure you might not get a 100% return on your prior investments but you will get something, and it's better to move on items that no longer 'spark joy' sooner, while they still have some value, than have to throw them away in 5 years time when they have deteriorated / stopped working / fallen so far out of fashion that no one wants them anymore. 

What are you waiting for?

Registering to be part of the trail is free - you can do it in under five minutes on the Garage Sale Trail website

As we get closer to the day check back in to take a look at the location finder tool which will show you what second-hand sales will be taking place near where you live over the course of the weekend. 

If you can't wait until then, why not take a read of our guide to WA's best op shops or the impact-owner's guide to second-hand living so that you can embed more sustainable choices into your everyday shopping habits.

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