Western Australians are great people, and we live in one of the best places in the world. But we have a problem - a big problem - and it’s something that affects us all.

We create too much waste.

Waste is anything left over that we put in our bins or out on our verge for collection on a weekly, fortnightly, quarterly or annual basis.

Infographic: the average WA Household sends the equivalent of a five year old child, 20 litres of milk, 200 bananas or a standard sized microwave to landfill each week

A typical household creates about 28kg of waste each week. Only about 10kg of this is recycled, the rest is sent to landfill.

In fact, our waste problem is so bad that, on average, our households are generating around 20% more waste than the national average.

Infographic: Our households produce 1461kg of waste a year, including 100kg of plastic packaging - that's 20% higher than the national average!

The decisions we make at home all add up, and together the impact is significant – with each Western Australian generating an average of 1.6kg of waste every day of the year!

Infographic: Perth Metro 541kg, Regional WA 692kg per person per year

And unfortunately, less is recycled here in WA than what you probably think. This is why, along with recycling correctly, reducing your consumption and reusing what you have are such important ways to own your impact.

Infographic: Perth metro 36% waste recovered, regional WA 31% recovered

Our love of coffee and complacency about other single-use items like plastic bottles, straws and plastic packaging isn’t helping either.

Infographic: Everyday in Australia we discard 10,000,000 plastic straws, 2,700,00 coffee cups

We need to do more to reduce the waste we create at home, at work and when we’re out and about. Here’s why...

Infographic: Globally 8.3 billion tonnes of virgin plastics have been produce in the past 70 year. 9% has been recycled, 12% has been incinerated and 79% is in landfill or our oceans

And if that isn’t enough, consider the impacts on our natural environment and marine life.

Infographic: Waste generates odours, attracts vermin and spreads disease. It pollutes our ground water and kills our marine life and sea birds

You can find the full Own Your Impact infographic on the Resources page.

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