Better Bins

Better Bins is a $20 million WA Government program that provides funding to local governments to implement better practice kerbside waste collection services through a three-bin system, now in place across more than 40% of the Perth metropolitan area. 


WasteSorted is a communications initiative, launched in mid-2018, to complement this funding. It helps to support local governments achieve better recycling outcomes through education.

It features a comprehensive tool kit with easily identifiable graphics and icons, and materials that can be branded by your local Council to help build awareness about what should be placed in each bin.

thumbs up sign to 3 different types of waste collection bins

Why are these initiatives important?

It’s simple – WA needs to divert more waste from landfill.

One of the ways this can be achieved is through recovering and recycling more of what our households throw out.

An audit has shown that: 

  • approximately 25% of the contents of a household's general waste bin is actually recyclable material; and
  • another 50% is typically organic material which, if correctly recovered, could have been composted, reducing landfill and decreasing greenhouse emissions.  

Together Better Bins and WasteSorted help make it easier for households and councils alike to improve recycling rates and that’s good news, because it all adds up.