We know that waste is an issue that needs to be tackled from all sides.

Policy, Regulation and Reform

When it comes to waste, the State Government is primarily responsible for helping to set the agenda that local councils and industry adhere to.

This means undertaking work in the area of policy development, regulation and reform (such as the introduction of the plastic bag ban and the upcoming container deposit scheme)  

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER), via the Waste Authority, is responsible for the overarching strategy to tackle WA’s waste avoidance and resource recovery. This was first published in 2012, and a major review is underway in 2018.

The Waste Authority also oversees record-keeping and annual reporting of waste and recycling data and all of its work is in line with the Environmental Protection Regulations 1987.


Part of the State Government’s leadership role in the area of waste is to deliver programs that inspire and reward waste reduction.

For example, the Waste Wise Schools program targets schools in WA with educational strategies for reducing waste to landfill by implementing the 3Rs - reduce, reuse, recycle - while developing positive environmental values in students and the whole school community.

The participating schools become accredited and model responsible environmental behaviours through hands-on learning experiences that are linked to the Australian Curriculum.