Western Australia is home to a spectacular coastline, rich in marine life. We all need to take responsibility for keeping it that way.

Cigarette butts, beverage containers and takeaway food packaging, including straws, make up approximately 70% of the waste found on WA beaches.

What’s the big problem?

Our plastic obsession is proving fatal for WA’s sea life.

From turtles becoming entangled in discarded bags, nets, fishing line and balloons; to the estimated 90% of seabirds who are regularly ingesting a range of plastic items which can lead to blockages and perforation of the intestines; and the plastic particles generated as plastic breaks down contaminating the water one thing is clear – plastic waste is causing havoc on our coast.

What can you do?

To stop waste from reaching our beaches and then our oceans we have to take action in our homes and within the community first.

  1. Make a conscious decision to live with less plastic

    Less doesn’t have to mean no plastic, but if we can make a dent on what we do use we'll be stopping plastic from entering the waste cycle – and our oceans! And, by saying no you will stop being a contributing factor to horrible situations like this.  

  2. Leave no trace when you venture out

    Take responsibility for each and every piece of rubbish you generate. If you can’t find a bin, or if it’s already overflowing, take it home with you. Better still, once the container deposit scheme begins in 2019, cash it in.  

  3. If you see it, pick it up

    It’s disheartening to see litter anywhere, but especially on our beaches. In the same way we’re all part of the problem, we can also be part of the solution. If you see some, stop, pick it up, bin it, and pat yourself on the back because you’ve helped to keep it out of our oceans.