Single use plastic is one of the biggest contributors to needless waste and one of the easiest to cut. You can start today by:

Bringing your own bags

Have good reusable bags in the car and use them for all shopping – not just at the supermarket.

Saying no to bottled water

You don’t need it. Good quality reusable bottles filled with tap water save waste and money.

Staying away from disposable straws, plates, cups and cutlery

Keep reusables in your bag or glove box or, if you have the opportunity, dine-in instead. Say no to any extras you're not going to use. And if you're a party organiser set an example - opt for environmentally-friendly options (which often means nothing at all!) and ask your guests to help with the washing up!

Buying fruit and vegetables loose

Swap pre-packed fruit and vegetables for loose produce instead. Farmers markets and buying in bulk are also great ways to cut excess packaging and save money.

Ditching plastic food wrap

Use glass, stainless or reusable plastic containers, or alternatives such as beeswax wraps to store food and get rid of plastic wrap for good.