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Assessing the efficiency and safety of recycled plastics

Download this free bundle today and discover ways to overcome the issues we face when screening recycled plastics to ensure safety and properties.

In the last few years, plastics have come up to people’s awareness thanks to the widespread release of photos and information demonstrating the negative impact of waste plastic. However, tackling the issue of plastic pollution each step of the value chain for plastic from the source to the end of life. Knowledge of the chemicals and substances used and confidence in the analytical equipment is crucial in ensuring that quality, performance, and safety are not affected.

This bundle of free-to-download content is produced by Waters in collaboration and academic research, is designed to show you:

How do you assess recycled plastic that is intended for food packaging

The security risks associated with incorporating recycled plastics for food products

How can you evaluate the efficiency and safety of recycled plastics

The bundle you receive is:

Evaluation of the quality and safety of recycled plastics White paper written by Ben MacCreath, Strategic program manager at Waters, studying in depth the factors that drive change and the issues that arise when using recycled plastics

Security concerns of recycling plastics into food contact products Case study highlighting the work of Cristina Nerin, Professor at the University of Zaragoza, Spain, and her research group. In collaboration with Waters Cristina Nerin, and the research team have been working on analytical processes to detect contaminants and impurities in the plastics used for food packaging.

Screening for safety: evaluating efficiency and safety from recycled plastics A quick-to-read informationgraphic that demonstrates the screening process that can help you find and quantify any possible contaminants that could be found in recycled plastics

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