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What Is Fogo?

You might have heard the term “FOGO” pop up in the past year when discussion turns to waste, but do you know what it actually means? A NEW THREE-BIN SYSTEM FOGO – or Food Organics and Garden Organics - is often used when talking about a three-bin system where any waste that once lived (like food scraps and garden waste) is diverted from landfill and then processed to make into compost for use in parks, gardens and in agriculture settings. It's a relatively new approach to waste management in Western Australia. FOGO, because it also diverts large volumes of food waste, goes...
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What To Do With Old Clothes You Can’t Donate

Do you need to know more when it comes to knowing how to responsibly get rid of all of worn clothes, towels and sheets? Not everything can, or should be, donated to your local op shop. In fact, a good rule of thumb should be that if you wouldn’t gift it to a close friend or family member you shouldn’t be donating it to a charity to be resold in the first place. SO WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? Often after a big wardrobe clean out, you’ve separated out the items that are still in a good condition that can be...
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What Are Toy Libraries? (And Why They Make Sense!)

Let’s talk about toy libraries – a concept that is as simple as it sounds and one that is helping many families to own their impact AND save money. A LIBRARY FOR TOYS Access your inner-child for a moment and think about how exciting it would be to walk into a toy store and know that you could choose anything you wanted from the shelves and take it home with you that same day. That’s what it feels like walking into a toy library too. You choose the items that appeal to you, take them home, play with them and...
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Repair Cafes – What Are They And Where Can I Find Them?

The (almost) lost art of repairing broken objects is alive and kicking again in Western Australia thanks to the community-powered ‘repair cafés’ that are popping up around suburban Perth and regional centres. WHAT IS A REPAIR CAFÉ? Repair cafés (and labs) are grassroots community-based events helping to keep items out of landfill for longer. MENDING As the name suggests, the focus of these events is on repairing broken items. It costs nothing to use the service – all you need to do is bring along your broken item and an appetite to break up with waste. It could be anything...
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Hazardous Waste – The Things You Just Can’t Bin

We use hazardous chemicals and materials in our homes every day – think batteries, paint, aerosol cans and gas cylinders – usually without thinking twice and without obvious risk to our health. But when these items (known as household hazardous waste or HHW) reach the end of their useful lives, we need to take special care to dispose of them. They’re often flammable, toxic, explosive or corrosive and can’t be disposed of in household bins. SO HOW DO YOU DISPOSE OF… Here’s a list of 5 common HHW you may need to dispose of and how you can do it....
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Taking-away The Recycling Confusion

Australians love the convenience of take-away food (we apparently spend around a third of our annual food budgets on it!). But convenience comes at a price – an abundance of plastic and cardboard containers. And even when we look to do the right thing and recycle those take-away items, we often get it wrong. So just what can and can’t be recycled once you’ve finished your take-away or grab-and-go snack? YOUR GUIDE TO TAKE-AWAY RECYCLING These on-the-go vessels and takeaway packaging should ALWAYS be placed in a recycling bin. ITEM EXTRA NOTES Plastic bottles Empty, lids off Glass bottles Empty, lids off Aluminium...
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Tips For Sustainable Living

Western Australians love a month-long challenge right (don’t forget the global movement Plastic Free July started here!)? So who’s up for embracing the next call to action – Sustainable September – with us? WHAT IS SUSTAINABILITY? Let’s get back to basics – the Oxford Dictionary describes sustainability as the: “avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.” HOW CAN I BE MORE SUSTAINABLE? At the most simple level, to be more sustainable you will need to be more considered about everyday decisions – what you do, what you eat, what you buy (or don’t...
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The Buy Nothing Movement And How You Can Get Involved

The grassroots, volunteer-driven project has sparked a worldwide social movement with groups in 30 nations and around 150 active groups right here in Western Australia. HOW CAN I JOIN A BUY NOTHING GROUP? The only thing you need in order to join a Buy Nothing group is a Facebook account. The groups are hyper-local and you are only able to join a single group. The groups vary in size, depending on the number of participants, but in many instances they may just consist of people from a single suburb. The first thing you need to do is locate a group...

5 Ways To Become An Impact-owning Dog Owner

Make no bones about it, us Western Australians LOVE our four-legged friends, in fact, around 40% of households own at least one dog. These canine friends rely on us for plenty of things – walks, food, grooming – but have you ever stopped to think that they also need their owners to make good decisions when it comes to the environment too? SO WHERE DO YOU START? Embedding a few good practices in your daily approach to pet ownership can make a sizeable dent in the amount of waste your pet produces. The good news is we’ve got 5 easy...