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Best Places and Areas to Live


Are you looking for the most desirable housing areas for residents located in Kolkata, West Bengal? If so, take a look at this article. You’ll get the most up-to-date information on the best residential areas high-end areas, and locales in the city.

Kolkata which is sometimes referred to in the ” City of Joy” is the capital and largest city in Kolkata, which is located in the Indian State of West Bengal. It is also home to one of the most desirable neighborhoods to call home.

The city lies along the shores of the Hooghly River, traditionally called Ganga or Kali Ganga.

Kolkata is also known as”the “Cultural Capital of India” since it is one of the major cities in India’s cultural scene.

Also referred to by the name of City of Palaces, Kolkata was previously called Calcutta which is a Anglicized name for Kalikata. Kalikata comes of Kalikata, which is the Bengali word Kalishetra meaning the land in the name of Goddess Kali. That’s why that the majority of Bengalis are worshippers of goddess Kali.

The diversity of the culture and traditions entices people to remain here for a lifetime. This is why we have compiled a best 12 most desirable places within Kolkata to live in:

Top Residential Areas in Kolkata, the City of Joy

Bidhannagar also known as Salt Lake is one of the most luxurious places in Kolkata with a large green space. It is located on the recycled Saltwater lake. It is a beautiful place with a variety of locations to visit, such as:

“Nicco Park” is famous for water sports as well as other indoor activities. It is among the most renowned parks of Kolkata.

Salt Lake Central Park is a popular hangout for lovers, also called Banabitan. It is the second largest open area in Kolkata following the Maidan.

“Salt Lake Stadium” is an all-purpose stadium that is also called Vivekananda Yuba Bharti Crirangan.

The growing commercial and IT industries have led to increasing the number of professionals employed around the metropolis. Due to the abundance of IT cities with hubs there are a lot of high-quality residential properties that are available to professionals close by. The connectivity is so good that you will find malls, hospitals, and schools in a short distance.

Jadavpur – A Southern Neighbourhood of Kolkata

Jadavpur is among the most well-known South Kolkata areas. It’s due to Jadavpur University which is one of the most sought-after engineering faculties. Jadavpur University is a preeminent university in the nation, managed through the State government. It is the college of dreams for a lot of students. There are many reputable research institutes both internationally and nationally are available, including:

Department Of International Relations, Jadavpur University

National Institute of Creative Performance

Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science,

The Indian Institute of Chemical Biology,

Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute,

Café Mezzuna, Abar Baitthak ‘The Coffee Shop Chill’s South City Mall are a several good spots to spend time with family and friends. Jadavpur 8B along with Sukanta Setu are very popular for shopping almost anything. Therefore, there can be no doubt about it that Jadavpur is among the most desirable areas in Kolkata to reside.

  1. Dum Dum – A City and Part of Kolkata Metropolitan Area

Dum Dum is among the most well-known areas in Kolkata and is the home for the Kolkata the international airport. This airport international is named “Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport’ located in Jessore Road, Dum Dum. About 327 flights operate every day. In general, DumDum is famous for its Jute Mills, Iron and Steel Rolling Units and Glass Factories.

There are numerous institutions of learning, including Sarojini Naidu College of Women, Auxilium Covent School, and so on. In addition, it is easily accessible nearby hospitals such as Dum Dum Municipal Specialized Hospital and Dum Dum Central Jail Hospital. It is connected to surrounding areas via buses, metros, trains, and taxis.

Behala Residential Area in Kolkata

One of the most storied residential zones located in Kolkata, Behala is famous for its 10 day Barisha Chandi Mela, which is celebrated every year. It is also home to a number of famous people like:

Sabarna Roy Choudhary is the trustee of the Kalighat Temple,

Sourav Ganguly was a former Indian national cricket captain, and

Soven Chatterjee, who was the former Kolkata mayor. Kolkata

Behala Flying Training Institute (BFTI) or Behala Flying Club (BFC) is the second airport for commercial use of Kolkata following DumDum Airport. Behala is comprised of a number of tiny towns like Brhala Bazaar Behala Chowrasta, Silpara, Kadamtala, etc. There is a large number of residents due to the continuous development of the area.

There are many interesting places to explore, including Douglas Grounds, State Archaeological Museum, Sabarna Roy Chowdhury Houses of the family in Barisha as well as St. Peter’s Church. From an educational perspective there are numerous colleges in Behala associated to Calcutta University. University of Calcutta. Behala is also home to the IIM Calcutta is also very close to Behala.

Together with Ballygune, Alipore comes under one of the most luxurious residential areas in the nation. It has been the residence of the most prestigious industrialists, including Bangur Singhanias, Bangur Birlas, Mittals, and Goenkas. The number of industries that are located the area:

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