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Train transportation for bikes is among the most popular ways to transport a bicycle or two-wheeler vehicle to another. If you’re looking to move your scooter or bike to a different city and you are looking for a bike parcel, then riding inside a train is one of the most effective choices you have.

There are various other methods that allow you to transport your bike or any other two-wheeler from one place to another. However, transportation of bikes via Indian railways is the most economical option for you. It’s because railway fees for bicycle transportation are lower than the transportation of bicycles or two-wheelers on roads.

Indian Railways is India’s biggest railway network and fourth largest infrastructure in the entire world. This isn’t all. It’s also among the most popular modes of transport of luggage and goods. They also offer services for bicycle transport via train. To transport your two-wheeler via railways, you may have a lot of questions on your head. The most frequently asked questions are the ones below.

How do I transport my bike on train?

What are the costs for transporting bikes on trains?

What’s the procedure to get bicycle parcels on trains?

How do you book a bicycle parcel for trains?

What are the rail charges for bicycle transportation?

Is it possible to travel using the bike in the train as luggage?

In this post, I will address all of your questions, and I am hoping that you’ll gain valuable knowledge and benefits.

How to Transport by Bike by Train? Here is the Guide.

You’re searching for something that will help you understand the process of transporting your bike on trains. Here, I will outline the complete procedure for transporting your bicycle by rail.

Indian Railways offers two forms of transportation for items from one location to another. You can carry goods in a luggage carrier or parcels. Both are distinct. Luggage is a thing can be carried to the same train on which you travel.

A parcel is subject to the transport of your possessions. It is possible to transport your possessions by parcels to the city you want to visit via any train or railway vehicle determined by authorities of the Rail Authorities.

So, what’s the procedure for cycling on trains? What can you do to ensure secure and safe transportation of a bicycle through trains? The process of making a bike or scooter transfers via Indian railways is fairly easy.

You have two options – parcel booking and luggage. If you want to transport your bike by train to your preferred city, your preferred method is to book the bike parcel services via Railway Authorities.

Two Wheeler Transport by Train has Two Options – Luggage and Parcel

It is possible to transport items from one location to the next via Indian Railways in two forms, such as luggage or as an item. Luggage is a thing you can carry when that you are on.

The parcel is subject to transportation to the destination of destination by any railway wagon or train determined through the Rail Authorities.

The past was when people utilized the luggage option, and parcels when they need to move a bike from one place to another. However, the procedure has been altered.

These days, Rail authorities prefer to offer a parcel booking option to transport bikes on trains. They’ll decide if you should carry your bike in luggage or parcel.

In addition, they’ll determine which train your vehicle with two wheels should travel on. The decision of the train will depend on the slot’s availability and the location. Nonetheless, transportation of bicycles by train is offered as luggage or parcel reservation.

The transportation of bikes in trains as luggage

Moving a scooter or bike to be used as luggage is an easier method of receiving it at the location. You’ll need to pick up your bike when the train reaches the point of departure. In addition, you’ll be required to take this train. This is why the cost will be higher. You’ll have to purchase an airline ticket on your own and pay for bike transportation costs by train.

Bicycle transportation via train as part of the parcel

If you opt for the bike parcels in train, it’s less expensive than carrying your bike around the train in luggage. You’ll need to arrange bicycle parcel services by train at least a month in advance. It takes longer than an option for luggage. The bicycle will be delivered to your desired destination within seven days.

Important Documents Required for Scooter or Two-Wheeler Transport by Train

If you opt for the parcel or luggage option for transporting your bike via railways, it is necessary to have certain documents. Therefore, prior to booking your bike’s parcel or transportation service, make sure you have all the necessary documents. Here’s a list of the documents you might is the most reliable platform to book bicycle transportation services across various Indian cities. You can also reserve services for home shifting as well as other requirements for shifting through Moving Solutions.

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