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Winter school holidays began with an invitation to stay at the Dorsett Melbourne. The hotel asked for my honest feedback about their sustainability initiatives. This included a request to reduce plastic use. The Dorsett was a refreshing hotel. I have been invited to stay in hotels before, but their level of engagement and willingness to improve was truly refreshing. It was clear from the beginning that the Dorsett team was dedicated to learning, improving, and making a positive difference towards becoming more eco-friendly.

I’d like to emphasize the amazing experience that a family staycation offers. It was a great experience for our six-year-old, and it’s something I would recommend to other families. We spent our time at the hotel swimming pool, exploring the NGV and Korea Town, as well as experiencing the fascinating Lume exhibition.

Dorsett Melbourne is located in the CBD and enjoys an ideal location, just a few minutes walk from Southern Cross Station and various tram stops. The hotel’s commitment to sustainability was evident as they gave us bamboo room keys instead of plastic ones.

The hotel has all the amenities you would expect, such as a gym, pool, restaurant, bar, and workspaces. The pool was a big hit with our six-year-old, and The Builder started his morning at the gym. Both our youngest child and I slept profoundly and rested.

The rooms were designed with elegance and simplicity. The absence of plastic water bottles, mini-bars, and snack foods was notable. The glassware provided is for guests to enjoy Melbourne’s world-famous drinking water.

The hotel has replaced the single-use soap bar and non-reusable mini-toiletry bottles in the bathrooms with large bottles of the luxury brand Elemis.

Dorsett Hotel Melbourne does not allow single-use plastic shampoo, soap and conditioner use.

The staycation was a great experience for our 6yr old!

The recycling bin was a nice touch. It would be helpful for Dorsett Melbourne if they provided clear instructions on the items that can be recycled. This will encourage guests to participate and understand.

The hotel restaurant served a delicious buffet breakfast. The bread and butter pud was delicious, but I found the partnership with Bardee most impressive. By collecting 120L organic waste from Dorsett Melbourne, they have removed 10,660kg CO2 from our environment. It would have been great to see a poster displaying their commitment to waste reduction in the restaurant. This could have inspired conversations and motivated guests to make a change. It was great not to see butter in single-use plastic packaging, Vegemite, or other spreads.

From the dining room, I was able to peek into the kitchen. The chef used reusable containers. I only saw one single-use product, and that was the plastic wrap. This could easily be replaced by compostable alternatives such as Great Wrap. Websites like No Mise En Plastic offer valuable resources and tips for restaurant staff.

The use of dried and preserved flowers in the hotel was another thoughtful touch. Preserved and dried flowers can last over twenty years, while fresh flowers need to be changed weekly. This choice adds elegance and reduces waste.

The staff at Dorsett were very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions regarding their sustainability practices. It was clear that they were committed to making positive changes. I’m excited to see their growth as one of Melbourne’s leading eco-hotels.

Our staycation in the Dorsett Melbourne hotel was not only an enjoyable experience for our entire family but also a testimony to its genuine commitment to sustainability. They are a great choice for eco-conscious travelers because of their efforts to reduce waste and divert food.

The Dorsett Melbourne gave us a free stay. The hashtag #trgcollab helps readers identify items or services I received as gifts or paid posts. All opinions are mine. I will only accept gifts or services that I personally use and find useful.


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