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How the 2023 Brisbane Games could save the Olympics

The 2023 Brisbane Games possess a unique opportunity to revolutionize the Olympic movement and revitalize global interest in the event. Amidst declining viewership, increasing costs, and concerns about the sustainability and relevance of the Olympics, Brisbane has the potential to set a new standard for hosting, engagement, and impact, thereby rescuing the Games from stagnation.

Firstly, the Brisbane Games could herald a shift towards sustainability. By prioritizing eco-friendly practices in construction, energy use, and transportation, the Games could set a benchmark for future hosts. Embracing renewable energy sources, implementing zero-waste policies, and repurposing venues post-event could set a new standard for sustainable mega-events. Moreover, utilizing existing infrastructure and minimizing new construction can significantly reduce costs and environmental impact, setting a precedent for future host cities.

Secondly, the Brisbane Games offer an opportunity for technological innovation and engagement. Embracing cutting-edge technology in areas like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and immersive experiences can enhance viewer engagement worldwide. Leveraging digital platforms and interactive technologies could democratize access to the Games, engaging a wider audience and appealing to younger demographics. This approach could redefine how people experience and interact with the Olympics, making it more inclusive and globally accessible.

Thirdly, the 2032 Games in Brisbane could prioritize social impact and legacy. By investing in grassroots sports development, community engagement programs, and fostering cultural exchange, the Games can leave a lasting positive impact on the local and global community. Initiatives promoting diversity, inclusion, and equality can be integrated into the Games’ fabric, leaving behind a legacy that extends beyond sporting achievements.

Fourthly, Brisbane could set a precedent for streamlined and transparent organizing procedures. Implementing efficient governance structures, reducing bureaucracy, and ensuring financial transparency could serve as a model for future hosts, making the bidding process more accessible and encouraging more cities to participate in hosting the Games.

Moreover, leveraging the unique Australian culture and landscape, the Brisbane Games can offer a distinctive experience. Incorporating Indigenous heritage, showcasing Australia’s natural beauty, and celebrating its diverse culture can create a memorable and meaningful Games experience, setting a new standard for cultural integration within the Olympics.

Additionally, the Games could mark a turning point in athlete welfare. Prioritizing the well-being of athletes by implementing measures such as improved healthcare, mental health support, and fair compensation can set a precedent for prioritizing athletes’ holistic development and well-being in future Olympic events.

Ultimately, the success of the 2032 Brisbane Games in saving the Olympics will rely on the commitment of organizers, stakeholders, and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to embrace innovation, sustainability, inclusivity, and transparency. By leveraging these principles, the Brisbane Games have the potential to redefine the Olympic movement, rekindle global interest, and secure the future relevance of the Games for generations to come.

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