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Packers and Movers Cost Calculator to Calculate House Shifting Charges

The cost of insurance is optional. There is no requirement to purchase moving insurance offered by packers and moving companies. However, in my view, getting an insurance policy to cover moving items is essential. The right insurance will take care of the possibility of damage that is that are likely to occur in the course of transportation. It is possible to find two kinds of moving insurance: goods transportation insurance and all-inclusive insurance.

Therefore, the kind of insurance used for moving can influence the costs of hiring movers and packers. All-inclusive insurance can be expensive. You should be aware that the price of insurance will be determined by the value that is declared for insurable items. The insurance for transit of goods is available at 1.5 percent, while all-inclusive insurance is 3 percent of the total commercial value of the items. Moving companies will not offer insurance on fragile items like silverware or glassware.

Floors of Buildings at Both Places

What floor of the building in which you currently reside on and on which floor an apartment building you’ll be moving to and this can also affect the cost of packers and movers. The existence of a lift in your building could lower the price.

Experience of Movers and Packers

Everybody wants to work with an experienced company that has a team of moving and packing experts. The reason for this is simple. Professionally trained packers and movers can manage your move with care effectively, efficiently, and correctly. However, hiring a professional moving firm could result in higher cost. However, it is possible to employ a new moving firm for less.

Credibility and Reputation of Packers and Movers

It is likely that you’ll want to work with a reliable business of packers and moving that is reputable and reliable. The requirements of such can be verified by examining the reviews, ratings and license documents and registration for the company. Movers and packers will charge higher due to obvious reasons.

Additional Services, If Any

Movers and packers who are professional can also offer add-on (value-added) services for an additional cost. If you require any particular services from the packers and movers, they will charge you extra. Services for warehousing and storage, as well as pet moving plant removals, furniture moving, and dismantling/assembly, are available for hire at an additional cost.

Some packers and movers companies also provide services for AC assembling/disassembling, LCD mounting, and Geyser mounting. These services are available for purchase. If you decide to opt for one of these options, you’ll have to pay an additional fee.

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