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The Star Trek formula to sustain urban development

Even though the crews on different ships got lost in space, Star Trek communities supported each other. Each constructed environment was able to meet its own requirements and when it met with other planets, they, too, had a sustainable and inclusive approach to development.

The lesson is that we must employ an inclusive approach in order to achieve our objectives. This includes taking care of issues related to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 1.5-2degC global warming goals and working towards goals of the UN sustainability goals for the development and creation of sustainable cities.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. United Nations

Traditional markets are being challenged.

Market functions that are traditional are confronted in a variety of ways.

With the help of affordable digital platforms, sellers are able to serve their global clients easily, and traditional marketplaces don’t constrain buyers. Individuals have more control of their health, money, and work (telecommuting or work-from-home gig economies).

It is also important to remember that businesses have shorter eavesdropping by averaging over 50 years to as little to 10 or less, which means that making big investments to lure large corporations can be risky if the return is lengthy. This could result in a win for the political system, but it could also be a questionable economic gain.

The market is either maturing or aging in advanced economies, as evidenced by the developments, including the decline in the auto industry of China or the shift due to technological changes and the growth of the use of internet-based shopping. There’s been an increasing shift in the power of economics, the movement of jobs into new areas, and the development of new technologies like robotics and artificial intelligence.

The changes are affecting everyone. They aren’t cyclical issues caused by one sector or a particular area. They require a fresh approach and the ability to act.

Cities can be a catalyst for a common agenda for both private and public investment in inclusive growth as well as innovations to reduce these effects or unlock new opportunities.

Growing inclusively

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) defines the term “inclusive growth” in the form of ” economic growth that is distributed fairly across society and creates opportunities for all.” Inclusive growth is a key element in discussions about living standards and the necessity of a sustainable base income.

Some countries that are contemplating basic income include KenyaFinland, and Canada.

Unfortunately, some trials don’t work out. However, as the management guru Edward Deming said, 94 percent percentage of issues are caused by ineffective systems, not human error, and are fixable.

Everyone has the right to work. Everyone has the right to have a decent job, and, within Star Trek, everyone contributes to the Star Trek community, everyone contributes in some way.

In the new economy,, likely, a small portion that is a part of society (for instance, those with lower education levels, as per the OECD report) is more likely to have difficulty finding new jobs and professions. There is a clear need to strengthen the connections between jobs and people and to intensify our efforts to help people prepare for work.

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