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What can you do to save money this holiday season

Think about it: whether bringing people up-to-date with the latest technologies is a step too far. Are they truly in want or need this radically new present?

Incremental innovations

What mom or dad really requires is incremental innovations. A camera that is a bit better or a television with a larger screen, not a brand new 3D 4K, HD screen with built-in digital assistants to respond to each demand. Sometimes, a present that is a small change that builds on what’s already in place is what the person you love will most appreciate. There’s evidence that smaller differences are more often needed and efficient than pursuing radical innovation as the first option.

Do you think it’s an issue of lesser is always more?

Substitution technology is an innovation.

Sometimes, it’s not the size or extent of a brand new device that’s the issue and what it can do, but how it will be used in everyday life. The most important thing to consider is whether the product will improve what we already have by introducing a new way of doing things, which is what we refer to as substitute innovation.

The robot-powered vacuum can help us save time and backaches. It could also end an activity we like and make us couch potatoes as we seek some exercise. It could even increase our troubles by rising maintenance costs, as well as more complicated and stressful work caused by it. It may not perform as well in vacuuming.

Consider: can this gift improve your life at all levels: physically, emotionally, and mentally? Or is it an answer to the root of a problem?

Parallel as well as the Big Bang introduction of innovation

Some innovative ideas serve as an intermediate between two methods of doing things and help move people forward when the change isn’t enough. A traditional music lover could have the benefit of streaming services but appreciate their CD collection. Laptops could be a means to motivate users to experiment with the new format while being able to play older favorites. The older system operates in parallel to the new one, allowing for the technology to be introduced gradually according to the user’s preference. The name of Parallel implementation, or similar running, often refers to this kind of technology..

Consider: can this current run in conjunction with what it will eventually replace so it can be gradually introduced by the person who will be receiving it?

However, the opposite is the Big Bang introduction of an invention that happens when we abruptly abandon outdated technology and attempt to move to the latest simultaneously. This is a risk and could end up in a catastrophe. If you decide to throw away the old camera in the hopes of getting another one on Christmas Day, it could be that you discover the moment you choose to take a picture of your family’s meal in high definition that the new camera needs to be charged or, even worse the camera won’t even get to function at all.

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