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China in Landmark Pledge


China has introduced new rules to permit non-profit organizations, such as industry associations and charities, to play a larger role in society.

The Associated Press quoted Civil Affairs Minister Li Liguo as saying: “Overall, from now on, the role that our country’s social organizations will play in economic and social development will be expanded and strengthened.”

This is a major change in stance for China since its government has so far ignored the significance of non-government organizations and treated them as a threat, the newswire informs. But, the Chinese leadership is increasingly open to the idea that the assistance of outside the government is required in order to solve the numerous big issues China has to face, like issues related to environmental protection, social welfare and health.

The report states that organizations won’t have to locate government sponsors to obtain non-profit status. Instead, they will be able to register directly at the Civil Affairs Ministry. Li has been quoted as saying the new rules will be applicable to charitable organizations, community service organizations, industries associations, and organizations working in science and technology. The new rules are likely to be skewed and will not apply to organizations in specific fields.

Tao Ze, vice president of the China Foundation Centre Tao Ze, vice president of the China Foundation Centre AVPNews Tao Ze, vice president of the China Foundation Centre that, in the wake of the announcement, “there will be a huge increase in terms of number of charities in the near future, which forges a stronger third sector in China.”

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