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Institute Includes Social Element in Mission

The world-wide CFA Institute‘s Singapore chapter, with an effort to contribute to society, has incorporated significant social components in its mission, as per the Singapore’s Business Times.

The president of the society, Tan Chin Hwee, also the founder of the global private equity company Apollo Global Management’s Asian operations, stated that those who are part of the Singapore charter’s Executive Committee believe financial professionals are accountable for making contributions to society. “The skills set that the community has can be used for better results, not just making money for ourselves,” the newspaper quoted Tan Chin Hwee as declaring.

The institute is establishing three committees: one to each of asset and social enterprise management, and research.

The community of social enterprise investors is led by Lutfey Saiddiqui who is the managing director for UBS’s Asian Fixed Income, currency and commodities division of UBS. “There exists a social purpose in finance, the role that finance is playing in the allocation of resources, and the reality that we have a pension sector as well as an insurance sector. This social function needs to be reinforced and restored,” Siddiqui was quoted as declaring.

Lim Liying, chief investment officer for The Singapore Labour Foundation heads the committee for asset management. It seeks to increase knowledge and awareness of asset management to mostly non-profit organizations.

Research committee led by Paul Bernard, formerly a partner at Goldman Sachs. The committee’s goal is to improve knowledge about finance and raise the standard of transparency and research for Asian markets.

The world-wide CFA Institute‘s Singapore chapter’s mission statement is now to guide the investment profession by encouraging the highest standards of ethics and education as well as professionalism for the best good of the society.

Alfred Poon is Director of Digital Transformation of AVPN. He is a nerd by nature and adman with a passion and has an Masters in Nonprofit Communications from Indiana University. Alfred is a builder of communication infrastructure that binds people together. Before being a part of AVPN, Alfred has consulted for Social Purpose Organisations in over thirty countries. He has brought his unique blend of nimble technology that allows data-driven communications


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